Read to Succeed Logs Due Wednesday, February 27, 2019
six flags read to succeed
Dear Families,
Welcome to the Six Flags® Read to Succeed Six Hour Reading Club!
We are participating in an exciting program that encourages students in grades TK through 5 to read for fun. Read to Succeed is a free program sponsored by Six Flags Theme Parks. Every student who completes six hours of recreational reading before the April 17, 2020 deadline is eligible for a free admission ticket, valid at Six Flags Discovery Kingdom. Students will develop a greater appreciation for books when they see that you think reading is important too. You are sure to have fun as you investigate the world of reading together!
Here’s what you need to know:
  • Register your child using your classroom teachers special code. 
  • Review the attached reading log. Your child should use this sheet to record what and how long he/she reads. 
  • You can return the reading log to Mrs. Bessette by April 15, 2020 to input the reading log. 
  • Your child must complete 6 hours, or 360 minutes, of recreational reading.
  • Your child can read books, magazines, newspapers, or comic books (digital or hard copy). Reading for homework or a class assignment does NOT count.
  • Students can read silently, aloud, or with an adult—you can read to your child, or your child can read to you.
  • Entries must be logged by April 17, 2020 5 p.m. Central Standard Time. 
  • Tickets will be awarded to students by Mrs. Bessette.
  • The ticket is valid for admission to ONE Six Flags theme park on SELECT DATES ONLY during the 2020 season. Park name and valid dates will be printed on the tickets. 
  • Please understand that the school can only select one Six Flags Theme Park. The ticket will only be valid for the park that is listed on the ticket. The valid dates will not be announced prior to the ticket award date in early May.
  • Tickets are valid for students in grades K-5 only and are not valid for anyone over the age of 13. No exceptions.  Each ticket is valid for one free student admission only.
  • A Season Pass upgrade offer will be available during the ticket valid dates. The upgrade offer information will be printed on the ticket.
  • Tickets are NOT for resale and are non-transferable.
  • They cannot be replaced if lost, stolen or damaged.
We hope that you and your child enjoy this free program and spend time reading together. If you have any questions about the program or have ticket questions, please contact Mrs. Bessette at before the school year is over.
Happy Reading, 
Mrs. Bessette

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