Creekside Oaks Dress Code
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Students shall be neat, clean, and shall observe the general styles of dress, hair, and grooming which the principal and teachers consider to be appropriate for the gender, age level, and classroom or playground activities. Any type of dress or grooming that is disruptive to the class/school will not be permitted. Personal appearance standards for students are defined in the following dress code.
  • Students may not wear clothing or jewelry that contains any inappropriate pictures or wording that may include, but not be limited to gangs, sexual content, drugs, alcohol, tobacco, or violence.
  • Any apparel deemed gang-related by local law enforcement is prohibited.
  • Clothing where any undergarment is showing is not appropriate. Sagging pants or shorts are prohibited.
  • Halter tops, bare midriffs, spaghetti straps, low cut or revealing tops/tank tops, mesh or see-through sheer tops, bareback tops, crop tops, and half-shirts are prohibited. Straps on blouses/shirts must be at least two inches wide.
  • Shorts and skirts must be as long as a student’s fingertip when the arms are at a student’s side and the fingers are extended straight down.
  • Any clothing that is purposely ripped, torn, or frayed is prohibited.
  • Hats may not be worn inside any building at school. While at school, hats must be worn with the bill facing forward, not backward or sideways.
  • Flip flops, clogs, or open-backed sandals are not allowed. Heely shoes are also not appropriate. Shoes should be closed-toed and appropriate for walking and running, and cannot interfere with the planned P.E. program activities. A shoe with a heel greater than 1 inch is prohibited.
  • Make-up is not allowed.
  • Any kind of accessory that is deemed inappropriate is prohibited. This includes, but not limited to wallet chains or spikes. 
Students wearing inappropriate attire or footwear will be sent to the office, and parents will be called to bring appropriate clothing for their child. Students will also be given the option to change into appropriate clothing at the site if there is any available or if parents cannot be reached.
Students who repeatedly violate the dress code will receive consequences including a Recess Detention and/or suspension for repeated violations and defiance.