We would like to assist everyone in making our drop-off/pick-up procedure work.  Our parking lot has been studied by the City of Lincoln and the Lincoln Police Department and both have given us recommendations for traffic flow.

To reduce congestion and increase student safety, please become familiar with the attached map and read the suggestions below;

  • When entering the parking lot, it will be a right turn only. See Map
  • No "double parking" anywhere in the parking lot.
  • The loading zone is for student pick-up-drop-off only.  You are NOT to park there and leave your vehicle. 
  • To speed up the exit process, a "no left turn" sign is posted as you leave the parking lot.  It is extremely dangerous to turn left.  Please abide by this rule.
  • If you park in a parking space, please escort your child through the parking lot.  We have had students running through the parking lot which is dangerous and not allowed.
  • Please exercise patience and caution while driving in the parking lot. There are many parents and students that are walking by and through the parking lot. Taking a few extra minutes will help make our parking lot safer for everyone. 

Staff is on duty to assist you in making our system work for the safety of our students.  Please take your time and follow the traffic flow map.