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Student Handbook

Recess Rangers is a student group that was developed  by a group of teachers to enhance the quality of recess at Creekside Oaks and to foster the development of leadership skills. Fourth and fifth grade students, who were selected by an application process, serve as Recess Rangers.  As Recess Rangers, students lead recess games at designated recess stations.   These stations will allow students to play organized recess games while learning about sportsmanship, teamwork, and fair play.  In addition to facilitating recess games,  Rangers will receive training to help them serve as student leaders. Trainings will be led by teachers, guest presenters, and high school student government officers. Recess Rangers will develop skills in an array of areas: responsibility, problem solving, conflict management, leadership, organization, group dynamics, etc.  They will be able to use these new skills on a daily basis as they serve as Recess Rangers!
   All students at Creekside Oaks benefit from Recess Rangers!

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