Areas of Assessment


Needs Improvement



Listens attentively to the teacher or music

Occasionally ignores those who are talking or doesn't pay attention to the music or lesson

Frequently disturbs others who are trying to listen

Following Directions

Follows instructions quickly and appropriately

Occasionally fails to follow or is slow in following instructions

Often ignores instructions and makes it difficult for others to do what they're old


Participates willingly in activities without complaint

Frequently has to be encouraged before participating in classroom activities. May complain before participating.

Refuses to participate in activities and many encourage others to do the same with their attitude

Being Respectful and Encouraging

Is respectful and encouraging to all who are in the classroom.

Has shown disrespect to fellow students &/or teacher;  is not always encouraging of the efforts of others

Has shown disrespect, criticism, or unkindness to the teacher, fellow students, or guests on more than one occasion


Generally has good pitch, rhythm, and music reading skills during class activities

Needs improvement in pitch, rhythm, or music reading skills during class activities

Consistently does not demonstrate skills in pitch, rhythm, or music reading in class activities


Gets 70% or above on written assessments

Gets 25-69% on written assessments

Gets below 25% on written assessments